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Orikami Lab

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A Design Informed Organization, helping you make better conversations, services and products for those who matter. We are Innovation Focused with a fun garnish of Creativity, Exploration and Co-Creation.
Championing Humans
What we've co-created
We’re firm believers in the blending of knowledge, removing blind bias spots, encouraging curiosity and overcoming friction. We get the chance to clarify a vision from start to finish and experiment, fail, learn and launch ideas again with you as our Co-Captain.
We’re comfortable with the uncertainty, in fact Change is unavoidable but Humans have a natural resistance towards it. We adapt comfortably around it and help you embrace change within your mindset. This is done through a flexible approach, adapted comfortably around your organizational intent leading to a scaled contribution on every level.
Our tools and methods
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Discover our library of curated practical, actionable tools and methods to arrive at impactful solutions.
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Deep dive into our Scalable 5I approach to explore the unknown and build ideas of tomorrow.

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