Usability Heuristics Analysis

What is it?
Heuristic Analysis
Heuristic evaluation is a usability engineering methodology for finding usability problems in a user interface so that they can be attended to as a part of an iterative design process.
Identify Usability Issues
Benchmark Models
Determine Opportunities
What is it for
A Heuristic Analysis allows experts to determine and identify usability problems within a User Interface and mark these problems against a set of 20 parameters.

Although the first Heuristic Analysis framework was put in place by Nielsen and Molich in 1990 - we at Orikami Lab utilize the Weinschenk and Barker Classification framework, as it is a compilation of various heuristic analysis frameworks, and thus, more comprehensive.
Heuristic Analysis
  • Landscape Identification

    During the Insights phase of the project - we collaboratively work with you to identify your top 5 competitors.

    These are the products that would be part of the Heuristic Study.

  • Analysis

    Our team of User Experience experts will extensively use the platforms & services while documenting key moments of interaction elation and despair.

    Each platform will be evaluated against 20 Usability Parameters as defined within the Weinschenk and Barker Classification framework.

  • Evaluation

    Each platform (including your own) will be evaluated through a weighted average scoring mechanism that would be created to suit the project requirements and ranked based on the scores recieved.

  • Insights Report

    Post-Evaluation, a report will be generated highlighting key friction points in the User Experience and identify areas of improvement within the digital product.

    This report will form the baseline of expectations for the MVP product to be released and form the foundational principles that will be followed through Impact, Implementation & Innovation.

  • Wechat analysis
    Process Artifact: WeChat Usability Study
  • Monza Analysis
    Process Artifact: Pingit Usability Study
  • Edevlet analysis2
    Process Artifact: eDevlet Usability Study
  • Edevlet analysis
    Process Artifact: eDevlet Content Architecture Evaluation