Product Definition

What is it?
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A detailed, structured process that relies on key project stakeholders and specialists to analyze every aspect of the project requirement and output a detailed document to seamlessly transition to the implementation phase.
Maximise your chance of success
Accurately Map Budgets
Maximise Implementation Efficiency
Address Your Friction Points Early
What is it for
A large percentages of ideas don't get created. Why? It's due to lack of direction and planning. We have come across individuals who transition from Idea to Implementation without understanding what kind of road to pave in-between.

Our experts have worked on a variety of products for clients from diverse industries which has led us to realise the growing importance of Product Definition Workshops. They have become a pre-requisite for success.

It's a process that forces your key stakeholders, your development partners (if any) to analyze every aspect of your idea and create a detailed implementation plan before even moving ahead with production.
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Workshop Phases
  • Phase 1

    Every product definition workshop needs to be customized based on the core focus, i.e. product/service or a process/system. To help plan for it better, we send you a questionnaire that each key stakeholder needs to fill in. It's a set of 50 questions spread across 7 categories to determine the validity of your idea.

  • Phase 2.1

    We analyze the information from the completed questionnaire to assess the level of clarity each stakeholder has on the idea, efforts, vision and the workshop's overall strategy.

    Analysis Stakeholders Definition Align on Vision Align on Expectation
  • Phase 2.2

    Research helps us expand the information collected from the questionnaire. This is done by conducting secondary research through market analysis and conducting detailed interviews with stakeholders. After the research gets done, we can plan specific workshop activities.

    Benchmark Analysis Behavioral Research Insights Synthesis Workshop Agenda
  • Phase 2.3

    During the workshop, Stakeholders go through a series of brainstorming activities to generate possibilities around business models, core features, micro experiences and other aspects of your product. These activities are guided by a defined list of goals and user groups which enables a clear sorting of ideas generated.

    Personas Definition Feature Prioritization User Flows Success Criteria Definition
  • Phase 2.4

    We connect and structure the selected ideas into two levels of prototyping: visual representation and the experience prototype. This results in an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is an early-stage version of your final product.

    MVP Wireframes Moodboards Journey Maps
  • Phase 2.5
    Testing & Validation

    After we detail out the MVP, it's time to test if it works as intended to gather all levels of feedback for every element, feature and effort. This process is a continuous loop of collecting feedback and synthesizing it to uncover insights.

    Validating Hypothesis Realignment User Testing
  • Phase 2.6
    Refinement & Iteration

    Once all the feedback is collected, it is now time to implement. You will notice your teams' mindset shift at this stage. The process of shaping the future product based on your users' needs and priorities helps to realign their expectations with their target audience.

    Feedback Implementation Final Scope Definition
  • Phase 3

    The final and crucial step is to create a document with all outputs listed here that takes about a week based on how extensive the information is. This document provides all stakeholders with answers to key questions and the direction needed to turn this into a real, market-ready product.

    Document Includes
    Vision Manifesto Goals Personas Detailed User Flows MVP Design Direction Feature Requirements Tech Stack Roadmap
Product Definition Workshops
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