What is it?
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A collaborative, structured process that provides an opinion-free, judgement-free space for all key stakeholders to identify, analyse and ideate for solutions to the problem that has been defined.
Structure to be a safe-space
Align internal stakeholders
Co-create alongside customers
Identify Low-Hanging fruit
Future Roadmap
What is it for
Organisations and businesses by nature are siloed.
Walls, hierarchies, teams, business units, cubicles, etc.

Our Co-Creation workshops are designed to break those barriers and allow a safe haven where ideas and open thoughts strive.

Created to bring members of seldom collaborating teams together to think, brainstorm and devise plans towards a common goal - creating impact - no matter where it is - at the business end or the customers end.
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Workshop Phases
  • Phase 1

    Every Co-Creation workshop is unique to the entity it serves.

    We work closely with the organising team to identify all stakeholders that should be brought to the table. Likewise, we identify the core problem that we would aim to collectively solve - be it product/service or a process/system.

    Stakeholder Mapping Stakeholders Definition Problem Framing
  • Phase 2

    We analyze the information from the completed questionnaire to assess the level of clarity each stakeholder has on the idea, efforts, vision and the workshop's overall strategy.

    Align on Vision Align on Expectation
  • Phase 3

    During the workshop, Stakeholders go through a series of brainstorming activities to generate possibilities around business models, core features, micro experiences and other aspects of your product. These activities are guided by a defined list of goals and user groups which enables a clear sorting of ideas generated.

    Personas Definition Feature Prioritization User Flows Success Criteria Definition
  • Phase 4

    The final and crucial step is to create a document with all outputs listed here that takes about a week based on how extensive the information is. This document provides all stakeholders with answers to key questions and the direction needed to take the next most important step - Implementation.

    Document Includes
    List of Ideas Prioritisation Matrix Roadmap
    A decorative image.
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