Business Growth & Analytics

Generating Actionable Intel from Data
Consolidate & Aggregate Data
Analyse User Behaviours on your platforms
Improve Metrics & KPIs that matter
Most businesses falter because they aren't able to utilize their data effectively to drive product growth.

We help organizations build and implement an analytics strategy that promotes data-driven decision making thereby improving adoption that reflects in your KPIs.
Drive more account creations or completed purchases, see how users perform in your funnel and where they drop off. Use insights to make improvements that optimize your conversion rates.
How it helps
Certified Mixpanel Partner
Mixpanel Dashboard v2
Whether you need to analyse user behaviour within your digital ecosystem, build a better product, track KPIs or setup a tech stack that leverages insights into actionable strategies, our strategists can design a custom, future-proof solution that drives impact and ROI.
Our Approach
  • Strategy

    We help you align your business goals to product metrics to create a watertight product analytics strategy that can scale sustainably with your product.

    Existing Data/System Audits Stack Evaluation & Recommendation User Journey Mapping Business Process Audits Analytics Framework & KPI definition
  • Implementation

    Once the vision and metrics are aligned, we work across the organization to consolidate and decentralize data to break information-silos.

    Enabling data democratization to enable teams to create better products faster.

    Implementation Planning Event Tracking Instrumentation/Planning Quality Assurance of Data Data Governance Framework Data Dictionary Development
  • Execution

    We create the foundational analysis framework and vertical-specific reporting mechanisms to help you understand and analyse how your users interact on and across your platforms through their lifetime.

    Analytics Training Vertical specific dashboard setup User Segmentation & Cohorting Ongoing Product Analysis
  • Growth

    From feature prioritization to A/B Testing ideas. Understand where to focus your teams efforts to grow your product with frequent iterations and updates - constantly providing value to your customers.

    Design Sprint Feature Prioritization Workshops Product Experiments Product Stack Optimization A/B Testing User Flows