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Hermès approached Orikami Lab to design 3 window displays for their The Dubai Mall store under the 2018 theme of, A House of Play.


We decided to fall back into childhood to recreate the spirit of play. We dove deeper into the games we played and immediately - Activisions game artwork stood out as a possible contender to exemplify our approach to the theme.

It reflected the playful approach Hermes takes towards its own products and allowed room for play. We designed the display to depict dynamism and movement that showcased adventure in its colorful best.
Disclaimer: All Atari images used as reference only, we do not ascertain copyright ownership over them.


A quick session of brainstorming lead us to finalizing the scenes that were to be showcased - two extremes, flip side of a coin.

One showcasing our past and one envisioning our future.

A Farm scenery & the other a Space exploration.
Untitled 5
Untitled 5 1
Clay render 2
Clay render 1 jpeg
Render window 1 front
Render window 2 front
Render Main Front View
Sketches to 3D Renders
  • Render window 2 front
    Render Close-up of Window 2
  • Render Main Front View
    Complete Concept Render
And the big finale!
Hermès House of Play brought to you by Orikami Lab